Battletech: Best Mech In The Game

This week’s BATTLETECH poll- your vote for the BEST mech in the game?

If we take into account the equation across all wight classes: battle value + speed + armor +weapons, which mechs come out on top?

Which mech is number 1.

My vote?

The Jenner.

First we look at battle value: 875.

Perhaps a bit high for a light mech, but the Jenner easily performs as a medium mech for 200-300 battle value less.

Armor for a light mech is OK, but the insane speed makes up for it- stacking those movement modifiers no problem, and the speed allows it to zip from cover to cover each turn so a Jenner pilot is often stacking on cover bonus also.

Leading to the best kind of “armor”- not getting hit in the first place.

Sure there are other “fast” mechs that do this, but they often lack weapons- the Jenner is fitted with some of the best.

4 medium lasers and an SRM 4 pack.

Medium lasers are the best energy weapons in the game when comparing range + damage + heat.

Jenner has 4.

Plus the SRM 4 pack.

More weapons vs. many medium mechs.

AND the speed to run and often get rear armor.

Jenner has no hands, so no ability to grab stuff for recon missions or grab and go missions, BUT in terms of physical attacks it doesn’t have the tons to make them effective in a single turn, so this down side isn’t that bad.

Your VOTE in the comments for the best MECH in the game?

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  1. Fritz…You are about to scramble my brain!

    How do I pick a favorite Mech? How do I look at my children and say “You are the one?”

    Don’t make me do this.

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