To:Current Commander, Red Hand Mercenary Company

From: DCMS Field HQ, Dieron Prefecture. Office of High Admiral Fujihora

Classified Material

Tensions with the Federated Commonwealth continue to increase, and the Combine needs its divisions on the border with the Federated Suns. Until now the Hand have been garrisoned on the edge of Combine space in a purely defensive capacity, but we now need you to take your company outside Combine borders.

We have for some time maintained a secret military facility on Delarus IV a planet technically the borders of the Oberon Confederation.  Five days ago we lost contact with it and several of secret long range listening posts on our border with the Periphery. Our analysts suggest that there are two likely scenarios:

1)      The Oberon Confederation has learned of and moved against our facility on Delarus IV, and knowing this could mean war with the Draconis Combine, they chose to blind us the best they could before we could strike back.

2)      A task force from the Lyrian Confederation is positioning themselves in the Periphery as preparation for a new FedCom offensive. It is also possible that the Oberon Confederation may be giving them safe passage through their domain.

Your orders are to proceed to Delarus IV and investigate the situation.  If the facility is still friendly hands, reinforce it and hold it against whatever the threat is. Use it as your base of operations for the foreseeable future. If it has already been taken, retake the facility from whatever enemy you find and hold it.

While the possibility exists that this could just be a wild technical fluctuation or a problem at ComStar, the apparent coordination of these outages suggests a military cause. Expect this to be a combat situation one way or another.

We look forward to an update on Delarus IV as soon as possible. Good luck, Commander.

12K battle value buys a LOT of toys for this week’s BATTLETECH game…

My most EXCELLENT BT friend Dave is bringing some new toys for me to fight that he got over the holiday break, and I don’t know what to expect. Dave was keeping his new mechs hidden until the game started and they deployed.

I figure at 12K points there are going to be lots of firepower on the table, and any light or medium mechs might get dropped in a turn or two, so I planned to focus on heavy and assault mechs, along with a splash of heavy tanks and an infantry Karnov for support.

My Red Hand mercs move up and take what remains of a Kurita base- no sign of the attackers or defenders. Units might be hidden in the heavy woods to the north of the base, so I send out the Karnov to circle around and see if she can spot anything.

Incoming mechs detected…

… configuration unknown.

A very INTERESTING surprise by Dave. It’s honestly been a good fifteen years since I’ve fought any clanners, being a mostly IS player myself, and I don’t really remember that much outside of pulse lasers and double heat sinks. Let’s see what these unknown mechs can do, I’ll send up my tanks and infantry to see how fast they can shoot and move.

Tactically my Demolisher and Gobin tanks did very well even of they did not last very long- they put the hurt on the Mad Cat, not that I know it is called that…


And with my Karnov hot dropping infantry, the ‘Cat was forced to fall prone and try and crush the swarming infantry since the mech doesn’t have hands.

Time to commit my mech, but my big mistake was already made. Four mechs were blasting 1000-1200 battle vale a turn and I needed to swarm both my tanks and mechs at the same time. Feeding half and half was a fail, BUT I did find out what they could do- range, damage, pilot ability. Had to even bring out my LRM carriers which is a no-no but they along with the Longbow did put some long range missile hurt on.

Claners backpeddled me hiring me at range and speed, and while I did finally close to short range allowing my Grashopper and Stalker to open up, it wasn’t enough as I didn’t have enough model mass to really continue the battle forcing me to withdraw.

In the end I got wiped pretty bad, and I suspect House Kurita knew what I was walking into, but they wanted to test and see what the first of the clans could do.

Either way I made my credits and more since my Karnov flew around the battle the entire time taking video and battle data to later sell.

First time exclusive video and data right are worth a ton of c-bills.

The invasion has begun…

Tactica analysis to follow…

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Jordan Hubbard · January 24, 2018 at 7:17 AM

What were those mechs? I’ve never seen anything like them before. Did some pirates get ahold of some kind of experimental Star League cache?

    Wargamer Fritz · January 24, 2018 at 9:11 AM

    Unknown mechs. Lots of comm chatter, something about a trial of possession, and personal challenges to our commander piloting the Stalker. My Karnov made it out of the battle zone with lots of vid footage which our tech-bros are analyzing. I’ll be ready for next time (tonight’s game).

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