Battletech Battle Report: House Davion Strikes Back

The mercs raiding Davion space were well funded…

…very well funded.

Lightning fast raids with light and medium mechs, assault mechs for frontal assaults, and enough unmarked jump ships to get them in and out. For months they operated hit and run taking supplies and causing as much damage as they could before House Davion could respond.

Battling the mercs, Davion intelligence tracked them back to a small, but well fortified base, obviously funded by someone bigger.

Launching a surprise attack, Devion heavy and assault mechs plan to make a frontal assault as air support bombard the encampment.

The mercs dig in, at this point the order is given- every mechwarrior for themselves, scatter and get to the drop sites for pickup from their benefactors.

Light mechs make a break for it first, maybe pull off a few Davion Mechs so the slower mechs can make run.

Something snaps in the Spider mechwarrior, surrounded and boxed in he goes on a death from above spree- landing three jumps before the legs shear off from his mech.

Now we see the true benefactors of the mercs- House Kurita, as a pair of “advisers” are the last to try and break from the assault…


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