Battletech Battle Report BLR-1G

Ok, settle down and take a seat mechwarriors…

Mech command want’s to show you what a REAL master of battle is for those of you new to the club…

On your pic-screen we have a Battlemaster from the companies alpha assault group advancing on some Davion forces. BLR-1G will be designated “Big Bull” for this exercise. Here he is advancing under heavy artillery and indirect fire as any good assault mech should…

Big Bull coming to the aid of an aggressive Wolverine mech, with the Marauder in support. Still in PPC primary range and now medium laser range.

Big Bull takes a direct artillery hit to the head, everything blown off down to the stick and chair, for the tech heads in the group that is only one armor bubble left, AND Big Bull’s mechwarrior is still alive and fighting.


Push the attack and make those Davion mech’s PAY.

What’s the lesson?

When you are riding an assault mech there is only one direction on the controls: FORWARD.


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