Battletech Battle Report Analysis: Small Battle Value Light & Fast


Game analysis, turn by turn- my decision vs. yours.

We start with the lance/list- a smaller battle value game.

Do I go all in with a few heavier mechs, or sprinkle things out on the light/lower battle value end?

I opt for quantity over quality to take advantage of speed, and initiative- winning or losing it I’ll have enough toys to surround. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while you know that I love big guns, so the lance needs an AC/20 somewhere in the mix.

The Rommel tank is my highest BV unit, but being a tank the buy in is much less- a fair compromise giving me a hard hitting and high armor unit.

My YouTube tactica video on big guns in Battletech.

I take a stock Hunchback, but at what real role other then just a big gun.

This might cost me a bit later.

Two big guns as an anchor point.

Ostscout because I just painted the miniature, and in the recon narrative it makes sense, but tactically I would have been better off with a Spider.

The battlefield.

Light urban density, roads in and out, very light cover outside of the “city”.

This means most of the battle will be in the city, with no place to fall back once we are in the city.

Do you see it otherwise?


Let the opposing mechs “take” the center of the city, anchor them in place with a part of my force, and flank the left and right side with the rest.

Somebody will get rear armor.

Fusion signatures on the scanners.

Incoming House Davion operators.

Here we go!

An interesting position.

Is this true cityfight?

Nobody want’s to jump up on any of the buildings and become a target for everything on the table. Better to stay behind them and hide, waiting to see who might peek out.

Lead with the Rommel, it is the anchor, Jenner and Commando flank one side, Hunchback on the other.

What about the Saladin hover tank?

A fast and low BV AC/20.

Do you try and send out a mech to chase it down and take it out before it can get in close to your other units- send in the Jenner?

What if it keep running?

What if, in engaging it one to one it takes out the Jenner- or whichever unit I send after it?

It I hang back, afraid of it, that pushes me outside the city and opens me up to indirect LRM fire from the Davion LRM carrier and Dervish.

How would you handle it?

I opt for the “one free shot” rule- you get one free shot and die.

I’ll stay close-ish with all of my units, let the Saladin come in, fire, and then I fire everything back.

It targeted the Jenner- best target priority as it can scrap it in one shot, and the Jenner is the biggest threat with medium lasers, SRM, and speed.

Blunders with my command of the Hunchback- holding it back to keep it out of range of fire trying to protect it.

Should have / *needed* to be aggressive with it- like the Rommel.

Close on the right and the left.

Hunchback still far away- hitting on 10+ due to movement and range vs. the Rifleman.

Ostscout makes it to the rear- so what?

Spider would have been better.

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