Hey, you want to buy an ASSAULT mech for 980 battle value?

What mech is that?



Battletech certainly has its share of unique and quirky mechs and tanks. The BT universe is one of a huge narrative and many mechs were built by corporations looking to make a quick profit to exploit something unique- even if it didn’t quite work out as intended.

The Chargers is one of those narrative mechs.

An assault mech with all that armor, quick speed for the tonnage, working as a long range scout mech.


Why not?

I’ve been experimenting with the Charger and find it…intriguing.

Stock has the small lasers which is good- there is not temptation to try and shoot or engage anything. You also save a HUGE amount of battle vale since given the assault mech frame you are not spending points on PPCs and heave auto cannons.

Speed means it can work as a scout mech or an outflanking mech.

Using it to hang back and spot for indirect fire and discovering hidden units is a waste of its tonnage- I want to get it up and brawling, charging, and kicking.

I’ve been running it with a pack of Locust mechs that work one of the flanks, followed by the Charger breaking off and running right into the center of any opposing mechs to brawl it out, as the Locust mechs continue on.

I’ll use it as a blocking mech for my LRM mechs and carriers- as my opponent advances on them I’ll send out the Charger to brawl what is incoming.

I’ve also been having great success with the mech as a deployment lockdown unit- meaning that when my opponent deploys at the start of the game, they are often clustered up and located in a central part of the table. I’ll run the Charger in- it has the speed and armor to get there quick, and most opponents will hang in place with all their mechs and shoot away focusing fire- which tactically makes sense.  The Charger can absorb it, followed by brawling away.

if I can take a mech down with me from punching and kicking attacks perfect, if I can cause some punching and kicking damage, while keeping my opponent’s forces central and locked down responding to the Charger, excellent, as that gives my other forces more time and space to get into a superior firepower or mission position on the table.

All for 980 BV- many MEDIUM mechs cost more…

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