Battletech After Action Battle Report

Thursday night’s weekly BATTLETECH game was without a doubt easily the most bloody and fierce game that I have played in a few years…

…lots of experimentation and field testing to pipe back into future tactics and lance design.

A detachment of ground forces with specialized mech support going into a cityfight setting with House Davion elements reported to be in the area.

Full SRM infantry platoons, LRM carriers, Goblins, Demolishers, A Karnov for rapid insertion, supported by a Firestarter pulled from one of my recon lances currently under refit.

Starting with the LRM carriers first. Naturally positioned in the back, with plans to park them, and as long as I could reach out to the city center the field of fire was OK. Keeping them hidden means indirect fire only with my infantry acting as spotters- planned to use the advancing Goblins to spot.

Davion tanks and mechs stayed out of range at the start of the game, with Davion infantry advancing in buildings or being transported by Karnov’s. With speed and elevation, almost impossible to hit. On the right flank was an advancing Wasp- you can just see it in the pic above.

So I either redeploy to the left to support where the bulk of the Davion forces are advancing or, fire on the Wasp needing 12s to hit due to range, movement, and indirect fire.

120 LRM missiles a turn from both carriers means a hit on a light mech won’t go well.

Lucky dice blow off the Wasp’s leg forcing it down for the game.

Later in the game, fast moving Davion infantry inserted by Karnov land on a building near my LRM carriers and engage them, forcing me to pull them back, burning a few turns of no shooting.

Almost 2K in battle value not being used. While the test was to play an infantry and vehicle heavy list, for a few more ~400 battle value points I feel Longbows are better or mech LRM units for the ability to quickly redeploy- but for the few turns where both carriers fired off 120 missiles streaking across the table did make me feel like a god of war.

Tactical one is aware of what happens in the game on paper- machine guns and flamers are BEAST against infantry, and that reality got tested tonight.

Firestarter was there to smoke ’em out, so I aggressively pushed it forward on the Davion infantry positioned in the buildings all around the city center. They hit back HARD with SRM and machine gun fire causing lots of damage to the Firestarter, but the armor held.

Burned them out, entire stands incinerated in one pass.


One messed up Firestarter mechwarrior after this battle. Just over 100 or so infantry flamed or machine gunned down.

Real scorched earth stuff.

Eventually stopped and downed by a Zeus, with multiple engine hits, and it’s arms and leg being blown off.

Demolisher tanks were the most lackluster of the game- a real drag in battle value and not well spent on my part in terms of list building. I let me big guns never tire philosophy influence taking them when they were not a good match.

Big guns, short range, no matched targets. Fire at what? Infantry? They pushed towards the Davion Zeus but all the swarming infantry and some Davion LRM fire immobilized them. They just didn’t have the range to punch back.

Did flatten a building full of Davion infantry with them, but they just crawled out with no real effect.

Karnov was the MVP of the night, for the points, acting as a spotter, and drop inserting two stands of infantry onto the Davion Zeus. One hit and swarmed, the other landed a hex over and engaged a LRM carrier.

Go go go!

For the points and spotting ability + drop insertion this is going to be standard operating procedure moving ahead and an auto-include in the list.

Still reviewing the holo-reports.

NOTE: Need a few Warrior attack helicopters.

3 Replies to “Battletech After Action Battle Report”

  1. Looks like a heck of a brawl there! Urban warfare to the extreme with all that infantry and anti-infantry mech usage(Firestarter). Always a great thing to see imagery of two well painted forces on a nice playboard!

    Keep it up!

    I find SRM carriers are truly devastating in this type of setting, dense terrain closes the gap rather well. I remember popping up with two SRM Carriers on some opposing armor/’mechs as we traversed the corridors of mountains and buildings, it IS NASTY!

    1. LRM carriers for the battle value always have me wondering if I should just spend another few hundred and get an LRM mech, I wish the LRM carriers were a bit less in points.

      SRM carriers scare me when I see them- SO many missiles. I was thinking about bringing two of them, but I need to work on my tactics of getting them up into the fight- low armor (for a “tank”) and can suffer motive hits. Or maybe I should be more defensive with them- stay hidden and rush out.

  2. They are a great defensive platform. Best bet is hidden or in a position where the enemy must cross their LOS to get to an objective. So nasty when they hit!

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