All Quiet On The Martian Front: Battle For The Farm

Incoming tripods and Martian slavers…

…the battle for the farm has begun.

In command of elements from the 30th armored division, orders have been given to stall the Martian advance into the countryside. Orders have been issued.

The attack will lead with MK I tanks pushing forwards with mechanized infantry as quickly as possible. In open ground, against the martian heat rays, at best it will buy time.

Time in keeping the tripods from closing on our deployment zone so artillery can fire away.

MK II tanks will follow up, with a mass infantry charge on the left flank to hold any tripods on that side so the MK II tanks can fight at the center and swing left.

The advance begins, hidden in elements of the infantry units on the left are explosive detachments- men ready to scale the Martian war machines and plant physical explosive charges to bypass their shields.

A brutal round of heat ray attacks makes quick work of the tanks as artillery is off target allowing the tripods to break through. Infantry on the left engage, but are not enough without support.

The battle of the farm is lost.

The Martian advance continues.

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