Warhammer 40K Hobby: Blackstone Fortress

Blackstone Fortress is THE game I have been waiting for…

Exploring the narrative side of 40K, “dungeon” crawling, small skirmish, and an amazing backstory packed into a box…

…with future expansions to come.

First things first before we delve into the fortress…

…the miniatures.

Quality and detail is what one expects from GW, and the plastic miniatures are amazing in detail, poses, and the sculpts. The minis in Blackstone Fortress are no exception and go together perfectly without glue- they just snap right in.

In total, taking my time to build them, took about two hours. Somebody completely new to the hobby  or to the scope of these miniatures would have no problem building them.


One is going to need a pair of clippers or at the very least a pair of fine scissors to cut some of the joining sprues. A few of the figure parts are a bit fragile on the sprue and could break by just twisting off.

Something else that caught me by surprise- the heroic size of the miniatures.

I knew Games Workshop has slowly been increasing the scale and detail of the miniatures, but this is the first time I’ve been hit with it when building- and it’s not just Primaris Marines.

Check out my test Ultramarine vs. the heroes of Blackstone Fortress. No way an Eldar range should be bigger vs. a space marine.

That aside, now that my figs are built, I’m going to commit some heresy and start playing unpainted as I NEED to jump into the game!

Emperor Protects!

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