Blackstone Fortress Report: Descent Into The Fortress

We descend into the Blackstone Fortress for the first time, having purchased a set of access codes from what those of the Eldar race call a Bonesinger. I have tried to surround myself with more friends then enemies, casting my lot in with the Mechanicus Servitor, Navigator, and Kroot Tracker…

No sooner are we off the maglift, standing in an immense chamber bigger then the Imperial Palace itself when the room shifts, pushing us down a passageway more akin to a series of small rooms.

Shifting and turning the room again reforms and we stand before a shrine and throne dedicated to the Dark Gods- a direct mockery on a smaller scale to the Golden Throne of Holy Terra. Foul warp-beasts descend on us, as Imperial Guardsman who have thrown off their oaths rush forward…

…we are at an ambush.

Perhaps not as bold as the traitor guard, the feral warp-beasts pause for a moment, pull back, allowing us to engage the immediate threat putting them to the test and delivering the judgement of the Emperor on their damned souls.

For the most part we are unharmed, except for a few las-blasts that hit our mechanics robot, who seems fine, and given his machine blessings seems unharmed.

What have these chaos shrines been hiding?

What is the secret?

Some los-tech trinkets, no doubt tainted by chaos, but valuable nevertheless. What a curious place and time we find ourselves in this Blackstone Fortress. Any other situation would have us put to death for even seeing such objects by the Inquisition, but in the here and now the end will always justify the means.

We descend deeper into the fortress…

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