6 Replies to “Podcast: Battletech Hobby”

  1. A Goliath? Wow, I can’t wait to see that painted up. Sounds like a fun list. I’ll be sure to load up on the machine guns and flamers!

    1. I’m liking the idea of HS terrain, but it seems to be very popular and a bit hard to find. Will be keeping an eye out for some- maybe some smaller maps to build.

  2. If completing a collection is your thing, you might just wanna try and drop by Iron Wind sometime in Cincinnati. Buying BattleTech miniatures by the pound is SO satisfying.

    Additionally, from your other podcasts and your love of combined arms, Clan Hell Horses might be your thing. However, if you’re looking at THE GLORY OF COMBAT and melee, I can’t wait for you to discover Jade Falcon around the 3070’s or so that come with Talons that deal extra damage from kicks and DFAs. But your aggressive/fanatical play makes me also think Smoke Jaguar. It’s the reason they were picked for destruction, after all.

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