Podcast: Battletech Gunline Army Tactics

In wargaming a gunline army is often popular due to its strength in volume of dice. Line your shooty models up and blast away- can the same be replicated in a more dynamic game such as BATTLETECH?

Podcast episode Battletech Gunline explores this option and translates it over to the BT universe.

Listen to the podcast below or click the link here to download and save it.

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  1. You need lostech/later era tech for gunlines to become dangerous. Units with multiple Gauss Rifles and further combined with other tech like Stealth Armor, C3/Targeting Computers can be difficult to fight if they are well positioned in heavy woods. In addition, Clan ER PPCs and Clan Large Pulse Lasers are the gunline against Inner Sphere ‘Mechs since Clan forces are usually outnumbered and need to gun down of their Inner Sphere opponents before the range closes where the greater number of units and combined armor/internal structure points wears them down.

    In Succession Wars, I find multiple PPC gunlines are modestly effective but the limited cooling capacity in this era restricts this tactic’s effectiveness besides the high BV cost. The usual focus your fire on the weakest/easiest to-hit and get the failed Piloting Roll. Once a typical slow ‘Mech falls down, it becomes an easier target when it stands up the next turn…

    P.S It’s the Awesome that mounts a Small Laser in the head, the Wolverine actually has a Medium Laser in the chin turret, although in the source anime it is actually a pair of machine guns.

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