Episode 72: Battletech Tank Tactics

Battletech podcast episode 72: tanks, tanks, tanks!

While the focus of the game is often on the mechwarror, BATTLETECH is a combined arms game- tanks, vehicles, and infantry.

Episode 72 takes a look at the starting ideas with using tanks in the game.

Listen to the podcast below or click here to download it.

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8 Replies to “Episode 72: Battletech Tank Tactics”

  1. I like the Saladin Assault Hover Tank as a super annoying distraction. An AC20 that moves 12 hexes is going to make an opponent sweat a little. It dies very quickly to side and rear shots, but its high mobility helps it slip into blind spots or at least limit incoming fire to a few shots at its frontal armour.

    In terms of meatier tanks, I still like low BV models with decent armour and some long range punch best. Long range weapons mean that if you get immobilized or slowed by damage, the tank can still contribute. The Demon variant with two PPCs is nice and the Myrmidon medium tank moves 5/8 with a PPC and SRM6. You can get some tanks with more long range firepower than that but they usually either push the BV up a lot (due to mounting Gauss rifles, etc) or have to sacrifice armour (like the Burke). Low armour + high firepower is a combination that attracts a lot of fire and those tanks often die before they can contribute much.

    1. On non hovered tanks (tracks) do you find ones with a lower armor value to even be worth it? I find that with slower speeds and some terrain modifiers that effect tanks a lower armor value makes it tough.

      You are correct that perhaps I should have split them up tracked vs. hover since the speed of hover units changes many things.

      1. I think low armour tanks can be okay as fire support for an aggressive brawling mech lance, just on the grounds that people often prefer to shoot at the scary mechs charging right at them rather than at the plinker vehicle on a hilltop in the background. Of course, the more expensive and dangerous that tank is, the more likely it’ll be a priority target. People might not pay much mind to a medium tank with a single PPC but they won’t ignore something with multiple Gauss Rifles. My view is that the more dangerous a tank’s firepower, the more armour it needs to stay alive.

        That said, cheapo little tanks like the Scorpion have such a low BV that you can get several for the price of a better tank. Quantity has a quality all of its own. Good as initiative sinks too. Plus, tank models are dinky, I just like seeing them on the table!

      2. Hovercraft for life… well, actually until later eras or when lostech is common as they become too vulnerable and lose their primary speed/cost advantage then.

        For wheeled/tracked vehicles though, armor is somewhat less of a consideration once you are past a certain point. I tend to go with the assumption they are going to get motive crits and turn into static pillboxes anyway so heavy armor can be wasted. And a few vehicles can block enemy movement, especially on a hex map. I’m guessing a Scorpion (SRM variant) for 373 BV is probably the cheapest tank I spring for.

        1. I’ve just started to add hover units to my forces and man was I missing out. To much of a tank tread head for such a long time, it’s like a whole new world of speed, and firepower- as long as I don’t get hit.

  2. Tanks are outrageous. I had a lance of tanks with AC20s and, combined with dice luck, I stomped my uncle’s two lances as they were flanking me. They are a good bit of fun.

    1. Agreed, LOTS of options with tanks and vehicles in Battletech- tanks dug in and in a good position are brutal to take on.

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