6 Replies to “Episode 65: Battletech Mech Analysis: The Blackjack”

  1. Fritz, I’m sorry but there is almost nothing you can say that will convince me that a standard 3025 Era Blackjack is useful for more than target practice. It’s like bringing a Druid to D&D style campaign, good for summoning woodland creatures for target practice.

    1. For what it is, how so? Agreed the AC 2 is weak sauce, but at least it has range and something to plink away with every turn, speed, medium lasers and armor are OK for a medium.

  2. Fritz, this got me thinking about the AC/2 carrier. I know you think both Lrm and Srm carriers have specific roles, but what about the humble dakka truck?

    1. I have 2 Partisan tanks ready to paint up: 673 battle value, OK speed and armor, 3 AC/5 and 2 machine guns. I think an AC carrier has merit a good way to lay down some light long range fire for minimal battle value.

  3. AC-2 is excellent for anti-air, especially when loaded with Flak ammo. The long range allows for the firer to overcome aerospace’s natural advantage in altitude and the craziness of their range brackets on the ground map. 2 damage isn’t much of anything, but it can force pilot checks, which are the real killer on planes.

    Also, AC-2 is similarly useful when flanking vehicles. Stay at extreme range and take side shots, giving you a +2 to any motive hit rolls you get. Eventually, you’ll immobilize a vehicle without taking damage to do it.

    1. Also, AC-2 is similarly useful when flanking vehicles. = this.

      I know Battletech is a game of combined arms but more and more it fits together.

      You field some REALLY scary tanks that I hate to deal with, a fast moving AC/2 boat has the speed and range to grind down those motive hits.

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