Podcast Episode 48 explores one of my favorite mechs: the Archer.

In most of my mid to higher end battle value lists I consider this iconic mech an auto-include.

Listen to the podcast below, do you consider this a must have mech in your lance?

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Armond · November 12, 2017 at 6:53 AM

Hey there Wargamer Fritz, first off was a huge fan of your stuff on YouTube, sucks what happened…

Back to the topic, Archers as one of your top choices, I applaud that. It is for sure a consistently good and reliable ‘mech. I do enjoy the stock version, but am a bit partial to the Archer-2K. I like the drop to LRM-15 from the 20s. I think someone with a math head did some research and found that per ton/damage ratio and a few other variable, the 15s have a better overall end result. But I can feel you on the possibility of a 20-pack smacking the opposing mech.

The 2k for me is a great adjustment for Kurita. Still has the fists, the speed, and armor of the original. But I feel that the one-two punch of the large lasers is a nice addition. It does a good job of bridging the gap from the short-med range of the LRMs with the Long-short range of the laser for some keen overlap.

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