Episode 45: Battletech Mech Analysis- Awesome

Continuing our BATTLETECH mech analysis podcast we need to balance things out with some assault mechs- starting with one of my favorite mechs: The AWESOME.

Besides a VERY high battle value, what is the downside for this AWESOME machine?

Listen to the podcast here: Episode 45: Battletech Mech Review: Awesome

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5 Replies to “Episode 45: Battletech Mech Analysis- Awesome”

    1. What do you think would make a good mech to pair it with? I usually work it with a Battlemaster so the BM can deal with any short range mechs trying to put pressure on the Awesome.

      1. That would be depend on available resources. Assault ‘Mech I like to pair it with a Victor with it so they can cover each other. Heavy ‘Mech my choice would be an Orion or Grasshopper, both have complimentary firepower. Medium ‘Mech my choice would be a Wolverine or Shadow Hawk both with a good mix of firepower, armor and maneuverability.

  1. As stated before, mostly just slow and vulnerable to short ranged attackers. Very good in a direct fire lance, or as the fourth piece in a Command lance alongside an Archer or other such indirect firer.

    Best friend? I say the Hunchback if on a budget… Why? Who wants to get that close to the Awesome with an AC20 and Medium Lasers guarding it? If you have more weight available, the Grasshopper is a great guardian. Jumping Heavy with SUPERB heat management makes the ugly Grasshopper a great candidate for bodyguard duty. Plus the Large Laser and LRM-5 pack is a good contribution to deterring an enemy closing in.

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