Episode 44: Battletech Mech Analysis- Zeus


Episode 44 mech analysis takes a look at the ZEUS mech- is the poor man’s Battlemaster?

Grab, listen, and download Episode 44 here: Battletech Mech Analysis: ZEUS

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6 Replies to “Episode 44: Battletech Mech Analysis- Zeus”

  1. Great review of the Zeus. You are right about the AC/5 ammo. The biggest problem with that ammo is that it is the only thing hanging out in that torso. If you roll a crit hit in that torso where the AC/5 ammo is stored, you will have an internal ammo explosion and that’s GG. I think I will be quicker to dump the ammo in the future when the brawl really gets going because the potential for a quick death from internal ammo explosion outweighs the light autocannon fire.

    1. I always go in with a full load of ammo on my mechs, just out of habit from mostly playing LRM heavy mechs where I want to max amount of ammo since I’m firing every turn.

      A few of my BT friends take less ammo for most games- like maybe 10 MG shots, or 5-10 autocannon shots.

      1. As far as the fluff of battletech goes, the Zeus has always been one of my favorites. Anytime I field a Zeus, the backstory in my mind is that this mech has been in the family handed down for at least 4 generations of a minor count in loyal service to House Steiner. Just painted a Zeus and made sure it looks WORN from all the years.

  2. Obviously I like the Zeus (mine pictured above). It can’t be ignored, but I do notice that it tends to get chewed all to hell when we play.

    I remember when it went head to head with Bludd’s Atlas and kept it busy long enough for my other Mechs to surround him. Good times, and one dead war criminal.

    1. That pic of my Javelin dodging the Zeus is one of my favorite of all our games. Zeus has always been a pain to deal with when you play it against me.

  3. Ah the Zeus, a Steiner light mech! HAHAHA!

    But seriously, the Zeus is a crazy all-around mech that I have always fielded since I first started playing back in ’91/’92. It has always been a consistent piece, and with a nice 3/3 pilot can spread the love. It just screams nostalgia to me!

    It can also deal out a nasty kick up close.

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