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Podcast: Battletech

Episode 31: Battletech Mech Analysis- Grasshopper

Continuing our BATTLETECH mech analysis has us turning to what I feel is one of the BEST mechs in the game- the Grasshopper. Why, tactics, and how to use this mech in your lance are Read more…

Podcast: Battletech

Episode 30: Battletech Support Mech Tactics

Mechwarrior prepare for glory! This week’s BATTLETECH tactica podcast continues looking at the various mech roles in your lance- examining the SUPPORT role on the tabletop. Grab, listen, and download Episode 30 HERE: Battletech Support Read more…

Podcast: Battletech

Episode 23: Battletech Javelin Mech Anaysis

Incoming BATTLETECH! Episode 23 podcast explores one of my favorite light mechs- the Javelin, and why tactically I believe this mech NEEDS to be in your lance. Grab your neuro-helmet and plug into the podcast Read more…