Battletech Tactics: Warrior Attack Helicopter

Before we jump to the tactica, I’m giving you permission as your senior mech commander to go out right now and purchase two Warrior attack helicopters.

One of the unique features of the Battletech ruleset is how the game scales with combined arms. Certainly ‘mechs are the star of the show, and one can play games as mechs only- but in the Battletech universe and narrative tanks, infantry, artillery, and air support are also a big part of the game.

Enter the Warrior attack helicopter.

For 309 battle value you get an attack helicopter (VTOL) with an AC/2 and SRM 4 missile system which offers a tremendous amount of tactica on the tabletop for the ~300 BV.

Speed and elevation first- the Warrior can zip around the battlefield quickly getting side and rear armor on targets with the range of the AC/2. Engaging vehicles the Warrior can quickly pile up motive hits at range grinding down that mobility, and against light and medium mechs with rear armor.

An attack wing of three Warriors working as a team for ~900 BV can put our a good amount of long range firepower, later closing for rear armor with the SRM 4 packs.

Tactically for the BV buy in you also get a unit that can spot for indirect LRM fire from anywhere on the table if elevated high enough.

More WARRIOR tactica below in my Battletech vlog.

See you in the game!

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