Battletech Tactics: Scorpion

A curious subset of Battletech mechs are quads- those with four legs, the Goliath and Scorpion being two classic examples.

Tactically what do they bring to the table, and is there a difference between two legs and four?

Jumping in with the Scorpion mech.

We start with the weapons platform- a medium mech with both long and short range punch- with a PPC and SRM 6.

Both of these weapons for the damage offer the highest amount per weapon, but they are only one weapon- no redundancy so you only get one shot.

Tactically one starts firing with the PPC as soon as in range, followed by the SRM when in range before dropping the PPC.

Heat can be an issue, but for a medium mech, the Scorpion works as a mobile weapons platform- not moving allows you to fire the PPC each turn without generating heat.

2 vs 4.

Four legs allows you to make kicking attacks without a failed check, and one can lose a leg without going prone, but is that worth the loss of not being able to make punching attacks with the 1 in 6 chance of a head hit?

Not having hands could be problematic in certain missions.

But one can also say the Scorpion is not an up and close mech- it want’s to hang back at medium range for the PPC and long for the SRM.

One also gains some tactia if playing on a traditional wargaming table where terrain is not elevation levels but rather WYSIWYG- the low profile of the Scorpion allows it to hide in some unique spots- especially in cityfight  situations.

More Scorpion tactica in my vlog below- see you in the game!

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