Battletech Tactics: Saladin

I’ve recently corrected a long running mistake in Battletech…

…I haven’t had any Saladin hover tanks in my collection.

But I have been on the receiving end of this tank multiple times, and I do consider it an auto-include in any collection despite player personality, personal tactics, and all the “favorite” mech you want to play. Tactically it has the triple threat of: 1-

Big guns with an AC/20 2- Speed to get that AC/20 deployed and on target really fast. 3- CHEAP battle value- 596 (!) points. Tactica thoughts. You need to be aggressive with it- no holding back, get up there and blast away. It doesn’t have the armor to hang back and hide- a good volley of indirect LRM fire, or quick air units like Warriors will make quick work of it.

Plus that is not using the SPEED of the tank- in 1-2 turns you are on target delivering the AC/20 justice at point blank. Run it up the side of the table to attack rear units or work into a position of mid game rear armor shots. Zoom it directly up to that assault mech and blast it- putting on some serious side or center turn hurt before any of your other units begin to engage- work on seriously softening up that assault mech.

Hunt down and cripple any light mech in the game- having the speed to match, and the gun to take it out if it connects.

Facing a Saladin.

Do you send out a light mech to chase it down, run it and gun it?

The Saladin can zip away forcing you to waste the BV of that light mech chasing after it. You can risk engaging it, but being a light mech, if it connects you are dead. If it zipping up the center to blast your lead mechs, you HAVE to stop it in a torrent of fire- and that means for a turn your mechs are not shooting at other units in range- giving those units a pass for that turn. In small BV games it is scary.

In large BV games you can take 2-3 and boost the scary even more for the BV. Auto-include.

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