Battletech Tactics: Plainsman Hover Tank

Fast and hard hitting, that what it says in the sales brochure…

As a player who loves heavy tanks and big guns as a rule, even I realize the massive tactical value vs. battle value cost of hover tanks in Battletech. And at 600 BV per vehicle, the Plainsman is an interesting tactical choice- with the 3 SRM systems as its primary weapon.

The primary rule of survival for ALL hover vehicles is that they NEED to keep moving the maximum distance every turn. Often light on armor (for the tonnage) and very vulnerable to motive hits, hovers need to stack those moved hexes to protect themselves. The weapons of the plainsman builds on this…

Outside of the zone of battle- that bubble of hexes where mechs are fighting it out, the Plainsman gets into position- lining up so it has a straight run heading to the side facing of the target mech.

Zoom ahead, get behind the mech and blast away with the two SRM 6 packs and the single SRM 2 pack. Naturally, as soon as one is in range, even at long range, you start shooting, but the definitive-punch is rear armor as the hover tank drives past the target, ready to turn back around and fire off again.

It also has the speed to do this to medium and light mechs, which often can’t take that type or rear armor hit, not that anybody wan’t to get hit in the rear. Look for it… But it comes at a price…

No way one can optimally work a hover vehicle in a city-tech type situation.

Clusters of buildings, sharp turning streets, and lots of ambush points for crit-seeking infantry don’t allow the buildup of hex speed to protect it.

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