Battletech: Schrek PPC Carrier

Certain Battletech units I define as auto-include, as in regardless of the mission, terrain, or opposing force they bring the battle value to the game and will perform top tier.

The Catapult is a great example of this with mech design, and on the tank side the Schrek PPC carrier is one such auto-include tank.


3 PPCs.

Mounting three that can fire ever turn gives the tank the trifecta of redundancy, range, and damage output- often matched only by assault mechs like the Awesome.

Redundancy in that to hit- rolling the dice, you have three chances- and if you can keep the modifiers down, a chance to score 3 hits at close range- 30 points of damage- don’t forget pilot checks!

Range and damage output are some of the highest for the inner sphere with the PPC, and being mounted on a turret gives you flexibility to respond to targets as needed- although keeping hull down to cut down on motive hits is preferred.

Yet there are some balance issues and tactica to be aware of with the tank- mainly armor and support- which I explore in the BATTLETECH vlog below.

See you in the game Mech Commander.

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