Battletech Mech Tactics: Vindicator


Continuing our mech analysis with some medium mechs, starting with the Vindicator.

A workhorse of a mech that has something to offer at range and function- think of the Vindicator as a way to add some extra dice to your lance.

We start with the PPC and LRM 5 pack giving it, for a medium mech, and battle value some solid long range punch. PPC on a medium mech has some bite and is a threat to medium and light machines, while working with other lance mates or combined arms vehicles to strip some armor off those heavies and assaults.

Getting closer, it switches over to the medium and small lasers along with the LRM and PPC.

As part of a lance, as the lance moves to position and engages, the Vindicator adds its weapons/dice to the mix- bringing lance redundancy at any range.

Engaging machines one-on-one, since the Vindicator can operate at all ranges, it looks to engage at the opposite range favoring the opposing unit.

Long range? Get in close.

A short range mech? Stay the distance using the PPC and LRM.

Playing this range game, one uses the jump jets to get and stay in position.

More Vindicator tactics below in my BATTLETECH vlog.

See you in the game!

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