Battletech Mech Tactics: Urbanmech

Deep within the lore of BATTLETECH we find a mech that is both popular and legendary across multiple platforms- tabletop, video games, and internet memes- the Urbanmech.

Designed as a low cost urban brawler, how does this mech stack up on the table, and what place does it have in your collection?

In analyzing the tactica of the Urban mech we first have to start with its speed vs. weapon load out. As a light mech, speed is the most important attribute- the ability to keep moving on the table, staying at range and add hex modifiers to movement so when your opponent shoots at you they need 10+ to hit.

Urbie is super slow, one of the slowest mechs in the game, as a light mech the tonnage is put in the armor and weapons.

As an urban combat unit this lack of speed is balanced out by the nature of cityfight tactics and its jump jets. Speed is less important in a city as there are places to move and hide, and being able to jump over buildings to the other side to escape is primary.

This means outside of an urban setting, the Urbanmech is going to be picked apart at range, and won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the lance.


The AC/10 is a solid performer in range, heat, and damage with enough ammo to last the engagement. Urbanmech tactica has us getting in cover- behind a building, in a building, with long lanes of fire down a city street or from a vantage point and firing away. Urbie also has a small laser as secondary backup.

There is one variant worth mentioning for the lolz, and one what I regularly play- the R60 variant which replaces the AC/10 with an AC/20.

Hide in a building, wait for targets to pass and BAM!

For the lolz because you need to be at point blank range, get only one shot, and the return fire that close will most likely cripple your mech in return.

More Urbanmech tactia in my podcast below.

See you in the game!

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