Battletech Mech Tactics: Summoner

If I was tasked in Battletech with selecting a single all-around best mech for the Clans, it would be the Summoner. Not sure what to take or add to your collection? Looking for a mech that can actively hunt and exploit the weaknesses in other mechs.


Truly the evolution of the Inner Sphere Thunderbolt.

The Summoner starts off as a heavy mech with good speed, armor, AND jump jets which allows it to get into position quick and navigate higher level terrain very quickly. This is the platform for its very well rounded weapon platform. Starting with the LRM 15 for long range fire support, indirect fire, and a good spread of missiles where an average roll on the cluster table will deal out decent damage, and a legendary roll even more so.

Second to this is the ER PPC- enhanced range and damage vs. inner sphere tech and a weapon which will be fired every turn for constant damage output. Third, and this adds flexability to the platform is the LB autocannon- shooting slugs for added damage compliments with the PPC, or witching to clusters for a truly terrifying crit seeking shot.

Punch ’em open with the PPC and crit seek with the AC. Combine this with mobility to get the Summoner into position where it can best exploit the weaknesses of enemy mechs.

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