Battletech Mech Tactics: Spider

In exploring the various light mechs, the Spider is one of the best Inner Sphere light mechs.

When you don’t know what hex-map you will be fighting on, or what the mission might be ahead of time, the Spider can handle it- it’s one of those auto-include mechs you take and it will always excel.


We start with speed- 8/12/8 walk, run, and jump the Spider is quick in both running and jumping. This protects it by staying outside lanes of fire and being able to get in the best position, or jump far away to escape.

Used correctly the Spider dictates its own terms.


It mounts two medium lasers in the center torso- the medium laser being one of the best Inner Sphere weapons in the game for damage, range, and heat.

Having two of these packs a punch were other light mechs generally only have one medium laser as a primary weapon.

Other considerations on the tabletop- check out my Battletech Spider vlog below.

See you in the game!

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