Battletech Mech Tactics: Ostscout

One of the amazing things about Battletech is that it *can* be a fusion of both an RPG game and a wargame.

Many mechs in the game are designed, built, and marketed for specific uses in the narrative- the Vulcan being an anti-infantry and urban pacification mech. In exploring that narrative we are going to look at the Ostscout from a tactical perspective in the game.

Narrative wise it has a powerful array of sensors and is used for deep recon missions. One could build a specific flavored mission for the game, having it scout certain way points. But tactically in the expression of a wargame it is just a light mech with a medium laser.

Would a mech commander risk every using an ostscout in battle? If pressed how would be do it? Run and gun. No other really viable tactic. Move and jump the maximum possible and fire that single medium laser at long range- to make sure any opposing mechs are also getting a range modifier when they shoot back.

You will need a “12” to hit, but so will they. Tactically it wouldn’t be about pushing out any amount of damage- it would be about getting enemy mechs wasting shots on a mech that they need that “12” to hit- so your other mech can hit back unchallenged.

As such a lightly armored mech, if it gets up in your opponent’s face, they might just shoot at it.

For true light mech run and gun tactics, admittedly a Spider would be better.

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