Battletech Mech Tactics: Marauder

CLASSIC Battletech mechs, the Warhammer, Battlemaster, Crusader, and the Marauder…

…can one even play Battletech without the MAD in your collection?

Let’s build a tactica checklist for this machine and follow it up with a vlog on the iconic mech.

Naturally we start with the dual PPCs which gives us range, high damage, and redundancy- two chances to hit. As the Marauder advances or hold back in defense it is going to be actively firing both these weapons.

Keep heat in mind- firing both is going to build heat fast, and if opposing targets are far away, this is OK, but if closing, or if the MAD needs to close, consider firing one and supporting it with the autocannon.

The autocannon also has range, and comes to play as the mech closes dropping to fire the AC + 1 PPC.

Get even closer and now the AC and the medium lasers come to play.

Heat management like many heavy and assault Inner Sphere mechs becomes important- keep in mind the range of other targets.

More Marauder tactica:

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