Battletech Mech Tactics: King Crab

If you have been following my BATTLETECH posts here on my blog or my podcasts on my YouTube channel, you know my mech tactica can be surmised as this: big guns never tire.

You can have your fancy pants plans and elaborate mech lance builds. Once I roll up with some big guns, lots of AC 20s much of that goes out the window… …which brings us to the KING CRAB. Perhaps the hardest hitting mech in the inner sphere, designed to stop the ‘clans.

But there are some tactical considerations we need to be aware of. Weapons load-out… Two AC 20s, one in each arm, and enough ammo to easily make it through the game. One LRM 15 to fire off on the way in, or offer some indirect fire as needed. And one large laser as a backup weapon in the torso. All this is mounted on a 100 ton assault mech, slow but with decent armor. Naturally, the big show is going to be the two AC 20s so getting up point blank and firing away is the plan. Nobody likes getting hit with an AC 20. Few mechs can take two hits, and if you can pull off two hits for two or three game turns no mech can stand up to that. On the way in to the target the LRM 15 gives you something to do- fire off on secondary targets or soften up the primary target.

A 15 is a good spread, but it’s not the main show. King Crab is going to need a friend. A backup buddy. KC doesn’t have speed to get side tracked or deal with any speed bump mechs or vehicles on the way in to the primary target. Other mechs will try to get behind it.

Swarming it is a good tactic if you can’t take it out at range. KC will attract the tabletop hate, so having a heavy mech as a body guard is best. As with all AC 20s as soon as you are in range you start shooting- even needing “12”s to hit, its scary and shifts the game.

Tactically one want’s to get close, and park. You *need* to hit with both the autocannons and once you have close range and no modifiers for walking or running its just dealing with the opposing mech movement modifier. Hex maps make the KC even scarier as they tend to be smaller and more self limiting with movement vs. a wargaming table setup- makes it easier for the King Crab to approach and harder for targets to avoid or run away.

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