Battletech Mech Tactics: Hunchback

In building a Battletech lance, the Hunchback is one of my favorite mechs, as you can have your fancy plans and tactics, but there is no arguing with an autocannon 20.

Making the jump in tonnage from light to medium mechs, after we build in all the needed components like the engine, gyro, ‘sinks and sensors, layered over some armor, we still have some structure to start mounting some really effective heavy and tandem weapons- in the cast of the Hunchback the AC/20 and medium lasers.

The primary tactica of the Hunchback is getting it close and in range for that AC/20- and as soon as you are in range start shooting.

The Hunchback works best as part of a lance of other close in mechs- like a Warhammer, so that once the other mechs close with the target(s), the Hunchback can follow up and work to get behind to nab some rear armor shots.

Remember the duality of the AC/20 and the physical attack phase of the game.

Hunchback mechwarriors want to get point-blank with the AC/20, which means being mounted in the side torso, the hands are free to punch- sacrificing the medium laser attacks for a 1 in 6 chance at a head shot.

Tactically, the Hunchback is also an excellent mech to force opposing pilot checks on its own= hitting with the autocannon and lasers leading to a check from the opposing mech target.

More ‘Hunchie tactica in my vlog below.

See you on the field mechwarrior.

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