Battletech Mech Tactics: Fire Moth

The speed of an extreme light mech and more, the firepower of most medium mechs, and so little armor you might as well not even bother printing out the battle sheet- leads us to this week’s BATTLETECH mech review of the Fire Moth.

Tactically this thing is FAST with the base hex speed and the ability to boost makes it one of the fastest mechs in the game.

But there are lots of fast mechs right?

Add on the firepower and heat sinks to use it- 2 ER medium lasers, SRM 4 and 6 packs means the Fire Moth can not only hit and run, but it will always be able to get into a position to attack weak points on enemy mechs and vehicles combined with enough firepower to really put on the hurt- all while stacking huge hex movement modifiers on the return fire.

BUT, it stacks even better as a battle suit delivery system- with the speed and boost you can literally take your pick on where to drop them off and make it happen in 1-2 turns- grabbing and digging into KEY positions on the map before your opponent can get to them.

And all for ~1200 battle value which is CHEAP for the Clans.

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