Battletech Mech Tactics: Enforcer

A medium mech with the striking power of a heavy mech? An inner sphere mech with enough heat sinks to mange the load of the primary weapons?

Jump jets?

Enter the Enforcer.

The Enforcer is one of those mechs you take when you aren’t sure what you will be facing, and you want a mech that can pull it’s weight by putting down sustained firepower for as little battle value as possible.

Right away it goes to work with the AC/10 and large laser- good range and 10/8 potential damage each turn. A little light on the autocannon ammo, but enough to see you through the battle and is only a real issue in an extended campaign narrative.

Lights should just run away from the Enforcer, medium need to watch out as it has the sustained punch to plink away each turn, and it makes a good team up on heavy mechs with the 10/8 damage output.

Being a medium mech it should still avoid assault class mechs. Layer over this decent armor and mobility with the jump jets.


Primary weapons in the arms- get one blown off and your damage output is crippled, get both blown off and you are left with kicking and zapping with the small laser.

Or hitting the jump jets for DFA.

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