Battletech Mech Tactics: Bruin

Continuing our review of assault class mechs in BATTLETECH, for this post we are going to tap into the tech and mojo of Clan Ghost Bear with an analysis of the Bruin.

An 80 ton assault mech, built around dominating at all range brackets with both the concept of crippling shots and sustained fire. The closer this mech gets, the more tactical choices it has. It starts out at long range with the gauss rife and the LRM 10.

Gauss punches through armor to start opening up crits and the LRM 10 looks for the holes.

The constant pressure of heavy fire with the gauss- and a chance to one shot any inner sphere mech’s head, with the added pressure of the LRM 10. Move to medium range and now one has the large pulse laser and the 2 ER medium lasers.

The large pulse laser with its to hit modifier is beast and the medium lasers back up the damage- all while the Bruin is still firing the gauss rifle for that sustained punch. Get to short range and it starts locking in with the SRM streaks, while pushing out the medium lasers and gauss.

Once the Bruin starts shooting, it damage output just keeps growing and growing…

…all with excellent heat management.

And if you have an inner sphere mech that can excel at a certain range, a range that it wants to float in, the Bruin can match it, or get closer/pull away and still lay down the firepower.

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