Battletech Mech Tactics: Atlas

Working our way though some BATTLETECH mech analysis, turning to the ATLAS…

…what can be said of one of the most powerful mechs in the game- is it that easy to use? In last week’s BATTLETECH post I shared my review-matrix-formula with how I rank mechs, and that is still in effect, but the Atlas deviates a bit and that is where we start before exploring its weapons load-out.

At 1897 battle value inner sphere, we are almost at clan level points, only without the ‘tech. To get the value, out of the battle value, one needs to be razor sharp in execution with the Atlas- it needs to be in the fight as fast as possible so it is making those points. Atlas tactics revolve around making sure your opponent stays in place, or is anchored to a part of the board, so the Atlas can walk/run in and hulk smash.

How do you, as a mech commander do this? Are there mission objectives relating to certain points on the table? Are there terrain features for your opponent to castle up in? The Atlas can’t afford to be chasing mechs down, if it can even catch them, or having mechs run away. Hit and run tactics won’t stop an Atlas but it will nullify its battle value.

The Atlas NEEDS a target. Weapons. We start off with the LRM-20 once it is in range. We don’t have the redundancy of multiple 20 packs like an Archer or Longbow, but this is not a support mech- it will be closing with the target so the single 20 pack gives it something to do. One could also indirect fire on the way in. Once the Atlas closes to medium and short range this is where it opens up and begins to rain the pain. SRM 6, medium lasers, and the AC 20. Put’s the hurt on medium mechs, and starts to soften up heavy/assault mechs. An Atlas should never be firing on light mechs, because they should never be hanging around a mech that can scrap them in one turn- unless you are the Duke of Death.

AC 20.

Much like the LRM 20, as soon as you are in range you start shooting it. Base skill of 4. Running Atlas +2 Long range + 4 Enemy hex movement +3 Maybe cover +1 You are going to need 12 to hit. Take the shot- anytime you shoot with an AC 20 the opponent sweats. Maybe this is the time you roll that 12. The Atlas slowly comes at you adding weapons pressure the closer it gets. Once it closes, and you want to close as an Atlas mechwarrior- you start punching and kicking. All that tonnage, plus the AC 20 at close range will scap any mech in a turn or two, even without a 1-6 punch to the head. I should mention in that many of my Battletech YouTube tactica videos I will often mention physical attacks and not always focus on kicking.

You should be kicking n Battletech, 100% if you have a heavy or assault mech. You will probably be OK. I have a personal design quirk with kicking as in a very critical campaign game, my Atlas tried to kick, slipped and fell…

…and could not get back up for three turns. Now is the time to jump into game as the new Battletech Game of Armored Combat set is out.

See you in the game!

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