Battletech Mech Tactics: Annihilator

With a name like *Annihilator* in Battletech I expected quite a different load out the first time I saw this mech in the technical readout. I figured it would weigh in at 100 tons and be as slow as a turtle, but I expected something like six PPC’s or some other wondrous pre-invasion sneaky Clan tech.

Autocannons and lasers on a slow mech?

If we are going with ammo, no LRM packs? And this thing is supposed to cut down Awesomes and Atlas mechs? Too a few plays to unlock the tactica… The Annihilator is not an alpha strike mech, it actually has zero alpha strike capabilities- meaning a sudden who-cares-about-heat fire everything at a single target to cripple or destroy it mech.

It works by just wearing the target down, and being a crit-seeking monster once it breaks through armor. Four LB-X AC 10. Four medium pulse lasers. Load two of the autocannons with cluster and two with standard ammo. Firing all four each turn punches through with the standard rounds for 10 points and hunts for crits on the cluster shots.

Switch over to the pulse lasers as needed, and keeo firing the cluster shots.

Slug it out?

The Annihilator has enough armor to out slug almost any mech, which means each turn one is getting closer and closer to being opened up by the auto cannons.

I’ve also come to appreciate the mix of ballistic and energy weapons, which makes sure that the mech is always firing something in longer games or campaigns.

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