Battletech Mech Review: Awesome

I was recently asked a question- next mech to buy and add to your collection, Awesome or Lonbow?

My reply was of course: BOTH!

They are both amazing machines and will have a place in any lance and collection.

Yesterday we reviewed the Longbow, so for this post let’s jump in with the Awesome- also an important mech as it is included in the Battletech: Game of Armored Combat starter set.

We start with the big-attention grabber: an assault class mech with three PPC’s and a small laser, with enough heat sinks to consistently fire two, chaining in the third from time to time.

For the inner sphere the PPC is the best consistent damage dealing weapon- range and 10 points of damage. The Awesome also had redundancy- multiple PPC’s means a greater chance to hit with one compared to a mech that only has one in that range bracket. In this instance the Awesome is the same as the Longbow- maxing out in multiples of a primary weapon.

SPAM for the win!

Side note: The AC/20 does more damage, yes, but the range is point blank- one has to get up there. Ask your fellow Hunchback mechwarrior.


The weapon locations are also important- one in the arm, one in each side torso. This means that when and if the arm get’s blown off- arms are the weakest armor points on any mech, the Awesome still has two PPCs to fire away- and a *huge* slab of armor on the entire front to keep it going.

Survivability also builds on that it is a complete energy mech- no ammo to keep track of and no ammo to explode. Not only does this protect you from critical hits, but also it let’s you push the heat a lot more- firing three of those PPC’s at a time if needed.

Counter for the mech is of course battle value, it is expensive, but also the minimums of the PPC’s- the Awesome likes to float just above minimum range, with nothing to really back it up if a mech can slip past and close.

BUT, being an assault mech, don’t forget the battle-fist or kicking. Mechs that do close, have to be careful of the Awesome stepping up and smashing face.

The Awesome is a fearsome machine, more tactica building with it in my vlog below.

See you on the table!

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