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  1. You really should look at the Infantry Support variant of the Goblin. Carries a full platoon, and is loaded with MGs.

  2. Goblin is great as you mentioned, and you can pair it with its bigger non-APC version the Bulldog tank. If I don’t have VTOL access, the Packrat LRPV PKR-T5 is my second choice for SRM + Inferno combo as it has 2 tons of SRM ammo (and a rear firing flamer for some reason). There is also a variant that can pack a full platoon, and you can use the standard version to bring a squad.

    My other common infantry carrier is the Maxim hovercraft. It’s not optimal as the layout of missile launchers is somewhat unfocused (the rear LRM seriously should be facing forward, but at least it isn’t the Von Luckner). Still, it is a decent rapid deploy then support from medium range support vehicle.

  3. I do have a question. What are the specific infantry types do you commonly deploy? There’s quite a range even for the generic infantry units. Standard Foot Auto-Rifle Infantry grunts or well equipped Jump LRM Infantry in later eras?

    I find the 3 hex range of common infantry types very limiting in games and not being able to move and shoot with SRM/LRM Foot infantry means having to plan your infantry moves ahead or wait for them to come to you.

    1. Mostly LRM infantry on foot- get into key positions on foot (slow) but the range of the LRM can keep more careful mechs at bay- get into terrain and hunker down.. In my Karnovs it is full infantry with machine guns. Goblins have laser infantry. Otherwise on foot it is usually jump infantry.

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