Battletech: Retaking The Inner Sphere

We gave them time.

We waited and hoped the so called nobles of the great houses would stop warring among themselves.

It is now time to restore order to the inner sphere and create a new Star League on the ashes of the nobles, bringing order, prosperity, and human rights back to humanity.

I am Start Commander Matthius of Clan Jade Falcon, and I will be at the front of this new crusade.

But first tradition, protocol, and honor must be observed, other wise we become dezgra like the inner sphere mech warriors. Myself, and those under my command must earn the right to be first.

Clan Smoke Jaguar has similar ambitions so it is a trial of possession.




The spirit of Kerensky is with the ‘Falcon today as I…we…secure the honor of being first. Those of theĀ Jaguar will have to be content with the scraps…

It is almost impossible to look on the civilization of the inner sphere, how far they have fallen. When the campaign is over, they will welcome us as liberators from ignorance, and thank us for bringing back the prosperity Star League.

Our first order is to secure the city just outside of the space port. Urban pacification and renewal so the rest of the Falcon mechs can land.

Elements of House Davion, perhaps the most noble of them, are tasked with defending the city. Perhaps there is chance for them to earn some honor and have a place in the new order?



Elemental will attack center, while our mechs approach from the woods to the sides.

Names have been given.

Challenges have been issued.



Finally a real challenge.

Both Davion commanders engage piloting a Stalker and a Marauder.





The Stalker shows promise, but the Marauder…

…is a disappointment.

One (small) step closer to retaking the inner sphere.





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