Battletech Citytech: Defense Of New Abilene

The Davion invasion of New Abilene was swift, and brutal, catching even the most jaded of diplomats by surprise. House Davion postulated they were just annexing what should naturally belong to them, while others saw it as a power grab against House Kurita aggression, or perhaps something even more clandestine such as the search for los-tech rumored to be on the planet.

Regardless, a job was a job, and with the combat bonus of being in an active invasion zone the contract payout alone would secure the operating budget for the Crimson Hand mercenary company for the next year regardless of the losses.

The ‘Hand made planet fall just ahead of the Davion forces and was instrumental with organizing and evacuation the royal family and elites soon to be in exile along with large amounts of tech, c-bills, and bullion to be “safeguarded” off world.

‘Hand recon units lead a number of hit-and-run sorties against the initial elements of the invasion but as dozens of Davion drop ships and bulk carriers landed it was time to evacuate the planet before a total blockage of the planet could be set up.

New Abilene Space Port

As the last of the Crimson Hand mechs loaded onto drop ships, Captain Daniken of the Crimson Hand mercenary company was given his orders.

Hold the space port at New Abilene at all costs.

All military assets are expandable.

Non conventional and guerrilla operations are fully sanctioned by backed governmental pardons.

Davion forces could have the city and the rest of the countryside, but not the space port.

Access to the planet needed to remain open for future classified operations that might present themselves based on what House Davion finds on the planet.

Orders are orders, and coming from a distinguished line of officers Daniken would fulfill those orders down to the letter.


Daniken didn’t have any mechs under his command, but what he did have was a number of heavy battle tanks- Demolishers & Behemoth class tanks which in the correct tactical application could equal a battle mech.

He also had a mix of artillery pieces, missile carriers, some light VTOL attack craft and infantry.

Lots of infantry.

And curiously, one Urbanmech that disregarded orders from high command and did not off world with the rest of the ‘Hand mechs and vital military equipment.

At this point in the invasion Davion forces had complete control of the air and space, a pair of Partisan tanks and LRM carriers being his only counter for that, along with an old Karnov transport, but he had other plans for her.

No doubt Davion intelligence on the ground would report that the space port was held by little more then militia and conventional non-mech I.C.E units.

House Davion would be ready for that, not for the infantry of the Crimson Hand.

Composed of retired or transitioned elite infantry units from the various other Houses and powers of the inner sphere, the ranks of the ‘Hand infantry were also bolstered by the fanatical dispossessed who would do anything to enact revenge on the elite mechwarrior class.


The space port itself consisted of various command and control building along with a reinforced landing pad for drop ships and bulk carriers. This pad and the network of buildings had to be held.

Secondary objectives were a fuel depot to the north of the landing pad and a medical complex to the east. Daniken didn’t have the numbers to hold all three…

The landing pad and fuel depot were close enough to support and overlap each other but the medical complex was isolated- he would deploy a few units  to skirmish, and eventually fall back to the landing pad.

VTOL attack craft would engage on the bordering streets and fight a delaying action as long as they could.

“I mounted it as ordered sir, but the additional weight is going to burn out the rotors. She isn’t rated for that, so plan on only a few minutes of flight time…” reported back one of the mechanics working on the Karnov as Daniken oversaw final preparations.

“We hear how noble and brave a mechwarrior is. Knights and nobility of the realm. Mechwarrior’s aren’t brave, men are brave.” Captain Daniken addressed his infantry platoons.

“Break up into platoons, issue laser rifles and demolition charges…”

“Take up your positions in your assigned buildings and wait for my orders to attack…”

“Maintain radio silence.”

With his heavy tanks at the space port and fuel depot, fast moving assets at the city outskirts, and his infantry and artillery hidden throughout the city all was set.

“Command gives us a survival rate of twenty three minutes post engagement.” replied Daniken’s comms officer as command issued its last orders.

House Davion forces have been spotted moving in with a large mech force, heavy tanks, missile carriers, infantry, and total air superiority.

“House Davion forces have entered the city….”

“House Davion forces have entered the city….”

“House Davion forces have entered the city….”


Slowly they advance from the North and the East, mechs supported by armor, with air support flying over the city- attack helicopters acting a spotters and air-to-ground attack craft at the ready.

As the first group of tanks pass down the street Daniken gives the orders for alpha group to attack. Hidden infantry in the buildings ambush the tanks with laser fire and demolition attacks. Artillery on the roof swings into action laying fire down the street…

…as the lone Urbanmech starts advancing.

Immobilizing the first tank, and damaging the second in the ambush, Davion units return fire levels two of the buildings bringing it down on alpha group.

Karnov and VTOL attack group, engage…

Flying in just above street level the Karnov, Warrior attack helicopters, and Scimitar hover tanks engage the Davion forces attacking from the East.

Lining up for a strafing attack the Karnov opens it’s bay doors to reveal a Megatron class auto-cannon 20…

…blasting the right arm and torso clean off a Jenner as the Warriors swoop to ground level attacking with cannons and missiles…

“Who is your commander?” 

“Where is he!?!” calls out a voice on the Crimson Hand frequency breaking radio silence.

“Who’s breaking radio silence?” asks Daniken.

“Urbanmech sir.”

Identifying the commanding Davion mech- a Marauder bearing distinguished hereditary banners and markings the Urbanmech advances…

“Davions! Prepare to meet the Duke of Death!”.

Taking fire from the Davion tanks and a direct PPC hit from the Marauder, the Urbanmech “Duke of Death” continues to advance drawing a pause in the action from both sides for a moment…

Davion forces are at the medical complex.

Karnovs are landing infantry on the roof…

Gamma group attack…

Sigma group attack, disable those Goblins…

“Status?” asked Daniken as his comms officer updated the engagement map real time.

“Davion ground forces have stalled from our infantry ambushes and the mechs in the East are stalled from our attack craft and hover craft.”

“Our heavy tanks in the fuel depot and landing pad are waiting on orders.”

“Current infantry losses are at 60%.”

“Good”. replied Daniken.

So far the infantry ambushes where immobilizing or destroying the Davion vehicles, which would leave only the mechs to take the landing pad and fuel depot- an equal footing at least with his heavy tanks and a perfect counter-attack.

A few more minutes and he would give the order to counter attack.

The battle was…


“Missile carriers, Partisans, track and return fire!”

Daniken’s command post took a direct hit, taking out comms for a few vital minutes before it could be reestablished.



“Davion forces in the East are advancing again and the medical complex has been taken.”

“Infantry losses are at 80%.”

“Davion forces in the North have completely stalled?”

“Urbanmech is engaging and pushing them back…”

Tor pushed his mech forward, turning and weaving as best as an Urbanmech could to avoid the incoming fire. Incoming missile warnings flashed all around him as LRM missiles, lasers, and autocannon fire smashed into his mech.

He was almost there…

Switching to iron sights, he was just at the maximum range for a shot on the Davion Marauder.

Flipping the master arm switch on his AC/20 he would get one shot…


A miss…

…as a final wave of return fire smashed into his mech.

“Davion forces from the North are back on the advance…

…closing in the East…”

“Order the last of the infantry to attack, target priority given to armor, do not engage any of the mechs.” ordered Daniken.

“Armor groups alpha and delta prepare to engage, target priority mechs.” 

“Artillery fire at will, empty everything…”  

“Alpha and Delta armor engage!”


“Davion forces hold the medical complex, we hold the landing pad, and both our forces and Davion forces are contesting the fuel depot sir.”


“Sixty seven minutes sir!”

“Order all forces to halt the advance, dig in, and prepare for a second wave.”

“We have them stalled, but the battle is just starting.”

“Prepare for night operations…”

“Who is that on the channel?”

“Clear the radio, maintain silence!”


“I’m alive, the Duke of Death still lives!!!”

“Command, I need an extension on my line of credit…”

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