Battletech Bug Hunt

House Davion thinks they are just going to walk in here and strip mine the entire countryside for los-tech. As a free world from any of the claims of the noble houses this won’t stand. While the politicians and diplomats talk it out, we have to to prepare from some ground action, just what do we have to hold this sector.

Terrain is light forest, with some old buildings, factories, and mech facilities. We have a few support vehicles, a Charger (!), an Archer, and some Locust mechs that were being used as trainers.

Let’s see what we can do…

Archer and the LRM carrier take up position in the woods with the Charger. Once the Davion forces engage the Charger will make an end run and attack from the rear. Locust mechs are told to scatter in the other pockets of woods.¬†We’ll let the Davion forces take the city and box them in…

Incoming Davion LRM carriers, Stalker, Catapult, Jenner, and a Crusader.

Other unknown Davion elements approaching on the right side.

Laying down some indirect LRM fire as we take some return LRM fire. The LRM carrier takes a direct hit and explodes.

Time to send the Charger out, and advance with the Archer.

Locust’s wait for it.

Release the Locusts!

We are all joining the ranks of the dispossessed tonight!







Charger makes it in and shoryuken uppercut’s the Stalker.

With only two Locust’s remaining, time to head for the hills…



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