Baldur’s Gate: Shadowdancer Solo Run

I normally don’t find myself playing a thief in Baldur’s Gate as I’m more a mage/sorcerer or monk player. For this solo run, let’s do something completely different and roll with a thief, a specialized one- the Shadowdancer.

The plan is to solo BG 1, and Dragonspear, followed by taking on some NPCs in BG 2. I’ve soloed BG 2 before, but I find the romances and inter-party banter as part of the game experience one really missed out when playing solo.


90+ if possible. Going to be about 200+ clicks.

Strength is going to be 18, not so much for fighting, but rather for carrying capacity. BG 1 has some expensive armor items and loot and I want to be able to make it out carrying as much as I can.

Dex is going to naturally by 18, being a prime for a thief. Any bonus I can get to stealth and pick pockets is a plus.

Constitution 18?

Many don’t like to go beyond 16 as, but at 18 + magic constitution buckler + tome we get start to get some mini-regeneration going on, which is a big plus for fights where you can’t leave the area.

Int and Wis.

I hate the term dump-stat, but I’m going to dump-stat these. Going to make a few battles harder- mind flayers and the like, and I won’t be wishing for much.


I usually go with 18 just to be heroic, but more so with this build. Being solo and planning to use lots of consumables I’ll be buying and selling over the entire saga. Having the charisma modifiers, plus reputation, plus item buffs should save me lots of coin, even in a game awash with gold.


Going all in on move silent, building it to 120 and then dumping the rest into pick pockets for the first saga. Hide and move silent for combat tactics, and pick pockets for the lolz of seeing what some of the nobility and temple priests have.


Hide and snipe. Run around and hide. Shadowstep and hide. Going to go crossbow and magic bolts as the primary- I’ll pick up the magic crossbow and shadow armor ASAP.

Fire potions, exploding potions, and wands are also going to be a main-stay.

Charm cloak + hide on some of the harder high end parties, charm one and send them into attack.

Not much of a backstabber in BG 1 due to the lower shadowdancer modifiers but in BG 2 I’ll build into that.

No plan to take and levels in mage or fighter- going all in with SD so I can get the max use of high level skills when they drop.

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