Alien RPG: Playing The Alien

As a game mother, when running my first ALIEN the RPG game I wondered just how the players would react to the Alien outside of character?

As a sci-fi movie franchise, many if not all players have some passing knowledge of the Alien, and as a player, if you are like me and *love* the universe you tend to know a ton about it and the narrative.

What happens if this get brought inside the game?

Your player character has know knowledge of the xenomorph, unless perhaps you are a company synthetic or operative, but as a player-person you do have the knowledge.

In Dungeons & Dragons circles we call this OOC- out of character knowledge.

In application I’ve found this to be uniquely opposite for ALIEN the RPG.

With my players knowing about the Alien, it creates some additional paranoia and has made them very careful in navigating possible situations, as a GM I’ve used  this a tool to build the narrative.

Turns out in not knowing about the ALIEN but knowing about the ALIEN a great game is made even better.

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