About Wargamer Fritz

I love rolling dice and making things go boom.

I love playing wargames and building that community narrative.

I love experimenting with new tactics….that sometimes actually work.

On this blog and through my podcasts here I hope to share with you my ideas, experiences, and tactica to help make you a better player. Join me as we explore the gaming worlds of , Battletech, X-Wing Miniatures, Chain of Command and Warhammer 40,000, with a dash of board gaming and general wargaming theory thrown in each week.

Located in the Westchester, New York area I’m always up for meeting new players and making new friends- interested in a Warhammer 40K, Battletech, Chain of Command, or X-Wing miniatures game?

Let’s make it happen!

Running a convention or gaming club event and need another event?

My miniatures are packed and ready to travel!

See you in the game!

Questions, comments, and inquires can use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

17 Replies to “About Wargamer Fritz”

  1. Hi Fritz,
    How is it going?
    Recently I’ve dropt (again) 40K….
    And of course, there is always several things that bring me back in.
    The passion and experience that you share with us over the years is one of the main trigger to those many comebacks over the past decade.
    Thank you so much for your commitment over the years.
    I wish a lot of success with your website and your dices rolls.


    1. Welcome back! In many ways this is the best edition of 40K and certainly with the model support and kits GW is putting out it is the golden age of the game!

      Honored that my blog and stuff over the years has given some good ideas!

      You guys keep me in this game as much as I hope I keep you in the game.

      Emperor Protects!

  2. Happy I found your site, the method maybe different but you are still pumping out quality content. Happy wargaming Fritz.

  3. So I’ve been wondering what’s a good APC ( ground or air) to use to move basic infantry in battletech? I’m kinda on a budget. Lol

    1. 100% get a Karnov air transport. Fast moving, holds two full infantry, and can also play a few variants with it. The Karnov is great for dropping off infantry on the flanks, or getting them into good spotting positions. You can also hot drop in infantry right on a mech you pass over.

      Ground, look into Goblin’s- its half tank/half APC. Standard one has mechine guns and a large laser on a turret and decent armor. An excellent support vehicle.

  4. Hi Fritz!

    Thanks for your Battletech posts! Our gaming preference aligns with BT, WH40K and DnD, although I have quit WH40K.

    You mentioned in one of your podcasts that the Battletech community pushes out lots of quality content and the game system is alive and humming with activity.
    I am interested in which websites and sources you consider indispensible or otherwise of high quality / containing interesting content?

    Keep rolling those crits!

  5. Hey there,

    Shameless plug here, but remember I mentioned earlier I was going to start a campaign, well it has been kicked off!

    Fancy a narrative experience with low time commitment (about a mission a week) and play your mission whenever you can in your busy life (it’s a co-op campaign against the AI), please check it out here:


    I have a dedicated forum section for running the game on the Groghead.com wargaming community forum.

  6. Hi Fritz,

    First of all, congrats on your Youtube videos, really great stuff!!!

    I’ve been working on Solo Rules for Battletech Board Game, could you take a look at them and give me your toughts? If you’re interested please contact me and I’ll send you the link for the File.

    I’ve been told that the way to play solo is to use MegaMek but I’m old school and prefer rolling dice and have all the setup in the table and the reason I began working in this Rules is that my gaming buddies are no really into Battletech and here in Mexico the gaming community is just starting and BT is not with the “Popular Kids”.

    Well hope to hear from you soon

    take care

  7. Hey brother, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a long time and was a big fan of your Eldar stealing objectives at the last minute! Haha Since then though I’m a huge BT enthusiast and your commentary on the game has got me through many hours of painting. In return I’m putting together a “Big guns never tire” package for you. If you could email me with your address I’ll send it you. Thanks again for your commitment to the gaming community.

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