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…on this blog I share my experiences as both a Dungeon Master and a player as a way to explore this amazing game and community. I post daily articles with the aim of elevating your skills as a Dungeon Master and player.

D&D has had a tremendous influence in my life; creating, telling, and participating in many adventures and social functions. It has allowed me to meet and make many friends throughout the amazing gaming community.

As a DM my goal is to create and live not only a compelling adventure story, but to allow each of my players the freedom to develop and grow their character in that setting. I have two long running campaigns with dozens of stand alone adventures and years worth of epic campaign stories.

Drachen Saga has the party going head-to-head with an ambitious thieves guild set on expanding their influence over the entire realm, backed by a iconic D&D archetype. Will the players stop the guild, join the guild, or even take it over for their own ends? Will they challenge or embrace the power behind the guild?

Wringworld has your character awakening in a ruined realm where time and death don’t exist. Hunted by the ‘champions’ of the realm, your only escape is to solve the riddle: What is Wringworld?

For those one off adventures I’m ready to deploy my Monster Hunter series of side quests. The Wizard’s Guild is paying large amounts of gold for those brave enough to capture various monsters for the bazaar, zoo, and personal collections of the council members.

On the opposite side of the Dungeon Master’s screen my current character: Tozen Iraeus is ready to lend his fists to the party as a monk class.

Many of my games are played traditional tabletop in the Westchester, New York area, but I also run numerous virtual games over voice and virtual tabletop settings.

I welcome any comments, feedback, and post suggestions through the contact form at the bottom of my blog.

See you in the game!


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