Monday, January 22, 2024

Wargaming Tactics: Playing Different Missions

Doing this wargaming thing we always want to get the most out of miniature collection and one of the best ways to is through playing and exploring different missions and scenarios.

Just using the same miniatures in your collection, through different scenarios, leads to so many different combinations and possibilities.

Mixing up scenarios is also a great way to keep things exciting at the gaming club or hobby store on game night. Naturally as any group gets together, over time with player personality, one tends to play the same group missions over and over again.

Change it up.

Be open to some house rules or changing it up in the moment, sometimes taking existing scenarios from another gaming system and playing them under your current system ruleset can leads to some interesting tactical resolutions.

Try a different mission for you next game.

See you on the tabletop.

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