Friday, January 12, 2024

Wargaming Tactics: Experimental Units

Battle value, squadron points, c-bills, throne crown…

…all wargaming systems have a value that allows players to purchase units from a list so that two different armies, or variable armies can fight on the table and still be somewhat fair in use.

Generally I tend to play the same units and builds on a regular basis, my tabletop player personality, the units and models I like have all come together in various lists.

But, I also set aside some points when building to throw in some experimental stuff, we do want to win the game, but making some cools stuff happen is also the goal.

The right balance of points depending on the size of the game.

Not so many points fort experimental or new stuff in that it alters the synergy of your list, not so few points that the tech won’t work and puts you at a disadvantage.

This way I can play a solid list, yet at the same time have some new stuff to try out.

See you in the game!

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