Best Way To Learn A New Wargaming System?

Best Way To Learn A New Wargaming System?

Where to start with a new wargaming system, fresh out of the box?

How to get winning on the table as soon as possible?

If it would take ten games played to gain a tactical understanding, can we do it in five?

Cut down that learning curve?

Start with the rules.

Not as in memorizing them, but as in understanding the flow and phases of the game, what you can and can’t do in each phase of the game?

As you play games, at any point you can of course look up the rules as needed.

After that, start playing games- but with the correct mindset.

For *now*, don’t worry about win/loss, but just play the game and work on each phase of the game.

As you do this, the flow of the game will come naturally, and that will cut down that learning curve in terms of games needed to be played.

See you in the game!

About Wargamer Fritz: As a wargaming enthusiast I share my idea, tactica, and games on my blog here in the hopes of giving you some new ideas and win for your next game. Questions, comments, feedback, and flames may be directed to my email address here or through my YouTube channel here. See you in the game!