Talisman Board Game Tactics: Control The Random

My entry to the wonderful and quirky world of Talisman the Board Game was through Dungeons & Dragons. 

After our weekend D&D game, Talisman would come out, often with the expansions and we would continue to the early hours of the morning racing for the Crown of Command. 

Naturally, being a competitive group, the importance of bragging rights for the week, meant I wanted to git gud fast.

Talisman Island was an excellent resource for diving into the game, but most of the other Talisman sites and on BGG, the game was reduced to just roll and move. 

If that was the case, why was my buddy Jawaballs winning almost every game, even when he drew a bad character or hardly had any magic objects?

Something was going on.




& watching him.

The first and foundation tactic of Talisman was to control the random.

All of the other tactics- which sideboard to use, character tactics, etc. all build and springboard of the random.

Ready for what I noticed?

We start with the D6, and in most cases this is a single D6 which is used as the base for every roll.

When it is your turn you want to *control* the random by being able to augment or manipulate the D6 for the most favorable outcome.

When it is your opponent’s turn you want to *inject* the random by being able to manipulate or force another roll of the D6.

That we are using a D6 as a base, means manipulating it becomes easy, the question being building the resources for it, and knowing when to use them and when to hold them for those critical moments.

Controlling the random…

Land on a space, draw a card and interact, or interact with the space with a D6.

How can you change the D6?

Burn a fate?

Use a spell?

Follower, ability, or magic object?

Manipulate only if it a game changing event- example if you roll a D6 and lose a life at the start of the game, don’t burn that fate to try and get the re-roll. You have additional life and are not down to the last two or three- take it and move on.

Have a chance to D6 and gain a strength or craft?

Maybe as to gain that point on the D6 saves multiple turn of trying to draw encounters to trade in trophies. 

Augments are easier, and more efficient vs. manipulations which often cost burning a fate or a spell.

Weapons that give you a +1 on the D6.

A chance to roll 2D6 and take the best or choice.

Ways to add to the D6 every time.

Now on your opponent’s turn…

Knowing *when* is the most important- is it the start of the game, middle, or end when they are making a run for the Crown of Command?

Force them to re-roll through fate, an ability, or a magic spell.

Dice with Death or the Reaper are great examples of throwing a random at your opponent.

Talisman tactic number one- control/influence the random of that D6.  

See you in the game!

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