Playing Battletech Solo

Playing Battletech solo? 

Is it possible without a simulator or remote opponent? 

 I explored this idea some time back when I was building up my collection and was trying out various mechs. I wanted a sand box to throw them in and see what they could do... I came up with a very simple dice action system to try and create as much chaos on the map as I could. 

Throw a lance I was playing against the dice mechanics. 

I found that one hex map was the best size to play on as it kept the engagement close and the dice mechanics somewhat working together vs. a mech running off on its own. 

For each mech weight class- light, medium, heavy and assault I used a 2D6 chart made up of movement and firing actions. 

This was tailored for the weight class, which allowed them to act a bit in character- with 11 or 12 doing something completely odd- like a light mech charging and making a punch attack or if jump jets death from above.

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